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If you haven’t heard of Anthony Weiner by now,  the New York Congressman who recently sent some provocative and explicit photos and messages to several hot young chicks, you probably are Rip Van Winkle and just awoke from a 20 year nap.  What makes this episode even more painful is that this Congressman is married and reports are now swirling around the Internet and network news that his wife is pregnant.

While this appears to be another episode of a powerful man behaving badly in the style of Tiger Woods or Arnold Schwarzenegger, sexting, tempting tweets and photos of “private parts” are not grounds for divorce in Florida.  Florida is a no fault state, which simply put, means that if a marriage is irretrievably broken, one party may file for divorce.

However, social media can play a role in dissolution proceedings.  If you are in the middle of divorce proceedings, it could be very likely that your spouse and his or her attorney will review your Facebook page and/or your Twitter feeds for incriminating evidence such as racy photos, derogatory wall comments and the like. This evidence can be used against you in a child custody proceeding.

Think you’re safe?  Well, think again.  Did you have an active profile on LinkedIn, but claim you are not capable of getting a job and need alimony instead?  Is your girlfriend bragging about the gold necklace you purchased for her using marital funds when you failed to pay child support that month? 

Time will tell if Huma Abedin will give her husband the old heave-ho or, if in the words of the Tammy Wynette song, she will stand by her man.

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