RelocationCould things get any worse? Your marriage fell apart and the divorce became final last year. Then your company was having financial problems and laid you off. You are struggling to make ends meet and support your kids as best you can. Then finally…a glimmer of hope. You were offered a job in your field with better benefits and a higher salary. That’s the good, no great, news. The bad news is that it’s on the other side of the country, more than 1,500 miles away. Your ex-husband, who is now re-married and living the high life, and hasn’t seen the children since the ink dried on the divorce decree all of a sudden wants to now see the kids 24/7 since you told him you were moving. You want to take the job, but can you?

Florida law specifically addresses relocation or a change in a parent’s residence of more than 50 miles. The divorce and family law attorneys at Maynor & Associates can advise you if you should take the job and discuss with you the factors the Court uses to determine if relocation would be in the children’s best interest. Our experienced divorce and family law attorneys can fashion a Relocation Agreement or a Petition to Relocate so you can begin the next chapter of your life with ease and confidence.

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