Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreements

PrenuptialThere you are, you and your significant other, at an expensive restaurant having an intimate dinner for two. Love is in the air. You’ve been seeing each other for several years and you are sure he is the One! You feel certain that tonight is the night when he is going to take the plunge and ask you to get married. He gets down on his knees while the soft strains of violins waft through the sweetly scented air. The waiters in anticipation gather round. Your beloved takes your hands in his and begins to pull out of his pocket . . . no! What is it? It’s not a ring box. Why, it’s a pen and some papers. “Honey,” he says, “just sign this prenuptial agreement on the dotted line and then we can sail off into the sunset together on our honeymoon.”

Funny, but could be true. Many couples these days consider entering into a prenuptial agreement before a wedding especially if there are significant assets or debts involved, if it is a second marriage, or if one party has children from a prior marriage or relationship. A carefully crafted prenuptial agreement allows the potential spouses to resolve financial issues and marital and lifestyle issues before the nuptials and head off any future disputes. While it is far from romantic, it is highly practical and our Palm Beach County divorce and family law attorneys have experience drafting prenuptial agreements that can be specifically tailored to each client’s unique needs and prerequisites.

Forgot to enter into a prenuptial agreement before you tied the knot? Don’t worry. A postnuptial agreement can offer you the same protection even after the marriage. Postnuptial agreements may also address property division, alimony and child support should the parties decide to ultimately divorce. These agreements offer stability, predictability and protection and let you rest a little easier knowing your finances and family’s future needs have been secured.

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