Modifications and Contempt of Support Judgments

ModificationsBaseball legend, Yogi Berra, once said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” He wasn’t talking about divorce and family law cases, but he could have been. While it’s quite natural to assume that a case may be over once the Final Judgment or Order has been entered, the reality is quite different. Nothing in life stays the same and that can be true as well for divorces and issues relating to children.

If one party’s income goes up or down after entry of the final decree or order, you may be able to modify your alimony and/or child support obligation. If the children’s needs change or if, for instance, a child becomes disabled down the road, the law allows a party to petition the Court to modify or change the final order. Or maybe the former spouse who was supposed to be paying you alimony or child support decided that they needed to use that money to buy a Porsche instead. In that instance, you may have certain rights that could be enforced through the filing of a motion for contempt and/or enforcement with the Court.

If your situation has changed and you need an experienced family law attorney to go to bat for you, the attorneys at Maynor & Associates can successfully guide you through both modification and contempt cases.

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