AlimonyAlimony is support paid from one spouse to another. In add-ition to child support, it is one of the most contentious issues that parties may face. There are different forms of alimony and the length of the marriage and the lifestyle enjoyed by the parties are the biggest factors in determining the type and amount of alimony to be awarded. If you are seeking alimony, it is critical that your attorney is experienced in tracing hidden assets and identifying all sources of income. The divorce and family law attorneys at Maynor & Associates have the knowledge and expertise needed to investigate and analyze complex financial data, often times eliminating the need to hire outside forensic accountants. We can help you determine if you are an alimony candidate or if you have potential alimony exposure.

  • “Temporary alimony” provides financial assistance to a spouse from the time the divorce is filed until the final hearing. We can assist you in recovering immediate temporary alimony payments before the divorce is finalized.
  • “Bridge-the-gap alimony” is limited financial support that enables the recipient to transition to single life.
  • “Rehabilitative alimony” is a form of support that will assist the recipient in developing skills or furthering their education in order to achieve financial independence.
  • “Durational alimony” provides economic assistance to a spouse for a determined amount of time, which, in any event, cannot exceed the length of the marriage.
  • “Permanent alimony” is reserved for long-term marriages where the recipient lacks the ability to become self-supporting at a standard of living as close to possible as the marital standard.
  • “Lump sum alimony” is a lump sum payment of money or an exchange of real or personal property in lieu of periodic spousal support payments.
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