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The New Odd Couple

Today’s economy has forced may divorced couples to do the unthinkable: live together after the ink has dried on the Final Judgment.  Because the real estate market is flat and the job market is equally bleak, many people are unable to sell their homes and can’t afford to buy a new home.  Ergo, this brave new world of being divorced but still living together.

For some couples it can be somewhat of a blessing.  The former husband and wife can co-exist as roommates, sharing expenses and living costs. For many, it can be a financial benefit.

However, many couples are not so fortunate.  Running into your ex from time to time may be awkward, but how about doing it on a daily basis?  Not to mention the realities of living in a divided house such as who gets the master bedroom, who reads the newspaper first, and what happens when one party has started dating and wants to bring their new significant other over for the night.

Negotiations, ground rules and patience are key to having a successful transition while waiting for the house to sell.

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