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If you want to know what’s hot in the world of marriage and divorce, you’ve got to check out divorce parties.  It’s the latest craze and the ultimate excuse to celebrate.  If you think this idea is just for bird brains and beer heads, think again.  In June, Rocker Jack White and his now ex-wife, Karen Elson, threw a lavish divorce party in Nashville, Tennessee for 100 of their closest friends.  After six years of marriage and two children, the former couple hosted this bash to honor this milestone and their commitment to future friendship as they co-parent their kids in the future. 

Not to top this, but jewelers, Spritzer and Furman, are introducing an 18 kt. gold divorce ring. For a mere $3,200 you can own this ring which bears a heart broken in two by a diamond encrusted dagger.  Whether you wear it on your ring finger, or another one, it is supposed to signal to others that you are divorced, single and eligible again.

As unusual as that may be, there are actually wedding ring coffins.  Yes, you heard it right the first time.  Coffins as in death so you can give your wedding ring the burial it deserves.  The coffins come in various sizes and finishes.  You can even get a coffin engraved with R.I.P. or any inscription you prefer.  Believe it or not, wedding ring coffins even have their own Facebook page. 

Just when you thought it was safe to swim through the seas of marital discord, wait.  Divorce thongs are beckoning.  They are available for men and women and come with a number of spot-on comments, such as “Ding, dong.  The psycho is gone.”  Perfect for that late night rendezvous with your next sweetheart.

And for that divorce party you are going to throw, you must have something sweet to take the bitterness out of the divorce. So wouldn’t you know it:  divorce cakes are a booming business.   There are a number of varieties.  Some feature a dead and bloody groom at the bottom of the cake or a pistol-packing bride at the top.  They’re all in good fun, and if you are not sure which type of divorce cake to buy, there’s even a website to tell you how to select the perfect pastry.

So, now that you know the latest and greatest and what’s trending these days, it’s time to crack open the champagne and revel in the undoing of the “I Do’s” and showing the world that divorce can be something to laugh at.

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